Teeing Up Success: March 2024 Golf Season Promotional Trends

  • Mar 1, 2024

As the arrival of spring signals the start of golf tournament season, it's time to swing into action and elevate your brand on and off the green. This month, we're showcasing items guaranteed to spark conversation and leave a lasting impression, whether you're targeting players, fans, or outdoor enthusiasts. Let's explore the latest trends in golfing promotional products and how they can benefit your business. 


Millennial Managers and Golf as a Networking Event

In 2024, millennials are hitting the fairways in increasing numbers, presenting a prime opportunity to capture the attention of the next generation. As many millennials reach significant milestones like homeownership and managerial roles, they're actively seeking solutions to new challenges, such as insurance, mortgages, real estate, and financial advice. Make sure you get ahead of the trends this season and don’t lose out on this hole-in-one opportunity!!   

As people from all walks of life start to head to the green, our swag solutions provide the perfect opportunity to connect you with this influential demographic. Whether it's a practical, budget friendly item or a custom shiny award our products offer a unique way to make your brand stand out on the fairways and beyond. These are our top-picks for you this month.


Budget Friendly 

Golf Towel w/ Silver Grommet Ring

With our 11” H x 17” W Golf towel, attach your brand to golf bags and more using the handy silver grommet ring. Available in White, Royal Blue, and Black, it's a practical and visible way to showcase your brand every round.

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Elevated Essentials  

Cooler Caddy Junior Golf Bag

Showcase your brand with practicality and style with this sleek cooler bag! Ideal for the outdoor enthusiast, our cooler caddy junior is a must-have beverage caddy. With a fully insulated main compartment, two additional zippered pockets, and multiple customization options, it's perfect for keeping refreshments cool while hitting the course.

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Prestige Picks   

Small Flagstick Award

Recognize outstanding achievements on and off the green with our small flagstick award! Did you know employee recognition boosts engagement and productivity according to multiple corporate studies? Crafted from glass and featuring all sorts of personalization, this trophy is a unique piece of memorabilia for any kind of contest.

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A Testimonial for Jake Lindmark, Lindmark Insurance • Wakefield, MA 

Jake Lindmark of Lindmark Insuranceleveraged custom golf balls featuring his brand to stand out on the golf course. By gifting these personalized golf balls to his golf buddies and connections, Jake transformed the standard business card into a memorable and practical networking tool. How can we help YOUR business make an impact this golf season?


Embrace the opportunities of golf season!


Elevate your brand with our range of promotional products. Whether you're targeting millennial managers, rewarding employee excellence, or fostering client relationships, we have the tools to help you drive success on and off the green.


Let's make this golf season a hole-in-one for your business!



— Hannah Kurman Martino, your Promo Product Guru

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