Top Buyers And Industries Using Promotional Products For Business Promotion

  • Jul 30, 2019

Last updated on July 30th, 2019

Promotional items are seen as a low-cost but one of the most effective marketing methods for business promotion. A majority of small and big companies use these low-priced products to enhance market reach. There is a wide range of industries using the products to promote their businesses.

The use of promotional products is widespread. The notepad in a hotel room, the drinkware used in a pub or the pen you use to sign may be a promotional product gifted by some company. You can see most companies using them to promote their products or services.

The importance of promotional products for marketing purpose can be gauged from the fact that eight in 10 consumers have one to 10 promotional products. A majority of them use the giveaways, at least once a week, and an overwhelming majority of the surveyed people retains the products even for up to two years. No surprises that it was a 20 billion dollar industry in 2016.

One of the key things to consider while using promotional products for business promotion is targeting the right prospects.

Here Are Top Buyers And Industries Using Promotional Products For Business Promotion

Benefits Of Promotional Products

01. Brand Recognition

A professional approach to conduct a business is to increase its brand recognition. This implies consistent efforts for keeping products or services of the company in the customer’s mind.


Promotional products having attractive logo design do just that for the businesses. These are one of the cost-effective ways to increase recognition of your brand. The product is with the recipients for a long time, enhancing your brand’s visibility.

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02. Enhance Outreach

Your reach to the target audience increases immensely when promotional products are used as a marketing means. As compared to other mediums such as advertisements, these products are visible to the people most of the time.


This is because the customer will usually use these products in their daily lives. So being in the retail business, promotional items can increase your reach to the potential clients.

03. It Is Like Your Business Card

A promotional item behaves like a business card when it comes to introducing your company to the potential customers. Just as the card contains some contact details of promotional companies, and the recipients keep it with them, these products also function in almost the same way. When you offer the useful products as a gift to them, they would like to have it with them for an extended period reminding them of your business.

promotional companies

04. Repeat Exposure

Another benefit of promotional products for business promotion is that you can give a repeated exposure of your business. This is due to the fact that a useful item such as drinkware, watch or a keychain is always visible to the potential customer. This makes your brand visible more often in front of the users. They see your brand every day as an object, which is reinforcing your message.


However, when using promotional products, make sure that your logo is printed on it. People will see the logo to recognize your brand. So, for repeat exposure of your brand, the logo must be beautifully printed on the promotional item. But your logo design must also be a unique and memorable concept that impresses people.

05. Effective Marketing Platform

Promotional materials are also effective when it comes to giving the consumers options. You can ask them to choose from a variety of the items. This way, they can pick the giveaways that they find the most useful.

In this way, these items become versatile marketing platforms as they can use the material over and over again. If you are in the business of selling promotional products, you should target the right clients and prospects by graphic design services. This implies that target those industries and people who have the purchasing capacity.


So, which industries are known for buying promotional products?
There are, in fact, plenty of promotional product industries using these materials. But not all of them may be your clients. You should be finding the leaders who will buy the products from you. You can educate them on the value of the materials for business promotion.

Here is a list of your potential buyers of promotional products:

01. Real Estate

Real estate sector is one of the biggest consumers of promotional products. Clients from this area can be explored for selling the products. You will find plenty of potential customers in this field. You should sell your keychains, calendars, magnets, door hangers and many such things of daily use to this sector.

Real Estate

02. Education

In the education sector, schools and colleges use promotional items at various events. They use these items in school and college fairs, expos, seminars, workshops and open houses. These items help in promoting education-related products or services. Some of the most used items include writing instruments, apparel, water bottles, folders, and frisbees. Think of such things when selling the products to this sector.


Before your educational institute uses the promotional items, make sure that it has your logo on it so that people can identify your school or college. You should, therefore, generate a logo that makes an impact on the viewers and target audience. Such a logo will add value to your business promotion campaign.

03. Healthcare

Healthcare is a big user of the marketing items for business promotion. You can find clients such as clinics, hospitals, outpatient clinics and surgery centers, and many others who use branded merchandise for promotional purpose. When choosing to sell the promotional item to this sector, prefer first aid kits, pillboxes, and custom ice packs.


But when using promotional items as a marketing tactic, your brand elements should appear on the items. Just as you have a professional website design, make sure that the items have your brand’s colors, fonts, etc. elements printed on it. People will recognize your brand when seeing your logo etc. designs on the products.

04. Non-Profit Organizations

Many non-profit organizations also want to promote their cause. They also want to draw the attention of people towards what they are doing to encourage people’s participation. They rely on donations, support from the community, and word of mouth to gather strength for the work they do. Therefore, they also use promotional products for catching the people’s eye to spread a word about their mission. You can sell tumblers, tote bags, silicone wristbands, and lanyards to these organizations.


A promotional item must have your identity mark such as a logo on it so that your target audience can quickly recognize your non-profit organization. The logo is your surefire way to convey your organization’s message to the people. Therefore, hire a professional graphic designer to make a beautiful and memorable logo with some illustrations as well.

05. Financial

You can also target the financial sector to sell the marketing items. In this sector, find out the banks and credit unions that are willing to buy the products. Take note that banks use branded merchandise to reward their employees and give them incentives. For example, when customers open a bank account, banks can gift them an attractive item such as plastic piggy banks, fidget spinners, and travel bags or mugs.


But when you use promotional items for business promotion, it would be good to get some great graphic design ideas. You will be printing your logo along with some interesting illustrations depicting your area of the brand on the items. So, you will need the design ideas from professional designers.

06. Government

The government departments, public offices, political candidates, and agencies are also major buyers of promotional products for promotional purpose. They use the products to promote a message from the government. You can sell flags, stickers, decals, ice scrapers, apparel and other such items to the government related offices and departments.

Recently, Glenrich Business Studies and Louisiana State University surveyed to find out which are the top global industries that buy promotional products. The survey revealed that most industries use the merchandise for business promotion.

So,which are the major companies that spend a significant budget on promotional products? The promotional products industry in the U.S in 2018 is estimated to generate $24 billion, and it is growing 2.5 % annually.

Global companies spend a considerable amount of budget on purchasing the giveaway items to promote their brands aggressively. Amongst such companies, Pfizer, PepsiCo, Phillip Morris, and Penney’s each spent $39 million on buying promotional items. Overall, top 10 global companies purchased the merchandise worth $ 548 million.


If you are interested to know which type of companies buy these items more, then know that 7 global majors out of the top 25 companies are from consumer-goods industry and six companies are from the communication industry.Rest of the enterprises is from pharmaceutical, technology, and automotive industries. They all benefited from the promotional items when they sticker design of their brand on the products.

Also, the 25 out of 100 top global companies that spend heavily on promotional activities like coupons, direct mail, special events, are the ones that spend a more significant share on buying promotional products.

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There is a wide range of industries that use promotional products for business promotion. These industries include healthcare, finance, education, and even governmental departments, and non-profit organizations. You can target these and many others as your potential customers of the merchandise. A professional website design can help you reach out to your potential customers across the globe.