Workplace Wellness Planning Page

Wellness programs are a way to impact employee short-term and long-term health. When properly designed, these programs can help improve productivity, increase employee engagement and in some instances, help control or reduce insurance costs. No two wellness programs are the same, and factors such as company culture, average employee age and activity level should all play part when creating an ideal wellness program. Here’s how many companies approach wellness.

What Do Wellness Programs Include?

  • Onsite flu shots which can help reduce sick days
  • Programs to help smokers become non-smokers which can have a significant impact on the worker’s health and insurance costs
  • Cancer screening reminders or onsite screenings
  • Fitness programs

Make Health a Core Value

Health and wellness should be integrated into a company’s core values to create effective change. This begins with incentivizing employees to change their habits.

Incentivize Employees to Change their Habits

Nine out of ten organizations offer at least one wellness initiative. What’s more, 54 percent of large-scale workplace wellness programs, with more than 5,000 employees, offer incentives for taking part for completing health assessments. It’s important to offer giveaways for taking part in programs to put health and wellness budgets to good use. Examples of incentives include:

  • Reduced healthcare premiums
  • Financial rewards, gift cards, prizes
  • Branded merchandise or giveaways
  • Contributions to savings programs

Behaviors need to warrant a reward for programs to be effective. Some behaviors may include:

  • Serving on health or fitness committees
  • Participating in reduced-cost flu shots and onsite screenings
  • Staying with a program for a certain period of time
  • Utilizing onsite nutrition support and fitness programs
  • Successfully completing a smoker to non-smoker program

Promotional products, when added to your incentive mix, can make a vital impact on the effectiveness of your program. Items such as water bottles, fitness trackers and apparelcan increase program awareness and loyalty to programs as well as promote the message of your business in a low-cost form of advertising. This further strengthens your brand and positions your program as one worthy of recognition.

Featured Products

Branding your Program

There are many ways to build a brand and create engagement with a wellness program. For example, giving away small prices or cash incentives for every small milestone met increases awareness and encourages consistent participation. You may also give away more valuable gifts, such as deluxe apparel, at the end of a campaign to keep a customer’s attention and extend product longevity.

Wellness Grand Prize Ideas

Wellness Giveaway Ideas

  • Shirts (Note: For shirts, choose a color, design and quality your employees are likely to wear.)
  • Premium water bottles and protein shaker cups help recipients stay nourished on the move.
  • Workout towels and fleece headbands keep employees moving in the heat and cold.
  • Yoga mats encourage attendees to continue their favorite exercise or try a new venue.
  • Drawstring backpacks store giveaways and fitness essentials in one convenient place

Wellness Prizes

Prizes and raffle giveaways are exciting, unique and deserving of a higher budget since they are typically distributed in smaller quantities. Fitness technologies such as Fitbit wristbands or memberships to gyms in the nearby area keep program participants competitive.

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